Finally: I have Clear Skin

Having dealt with problem skin for most of my adult life I think I have finally cracked the code. My skin has virtually being blackhead and breakout free for over 7 months. I have tried everything on my skin from high-end products, DIY and yes I have used Sunlight Liquid on my face.

Should you Base Your Scalp?

I always get asked the question of which "hair food" is best for "basing" the scalp? I am not a fan of the tradition hair food as it contains ingredients like Petroleum, Paraffin and sometimes Alcohol which can clog and irritate the scalp.

The Baggy Method

My life has been crazy busy lately; I am sure most of you know that I finally opened my salon and let me tell you it is HARD WORK but  boy is it fulfilling.

FIX IT FRIDAY: New Products Don't Work

So you got sucked into buying products, you got home and they don't work like they should! Before you throw them away try these few tips.

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